Friday, February 10, 2012

Times Alive!

Ok, I have to share this awesome program that I purchased for Jayden and my subsequent children after him. They will love, LOVE learning multiplication from this program. If you know anything about me and how I teach, my methodology is very interactive and multi sensory. I get very, VERY bored with "brick and mortar" techniques and my children do too.

I understand that benefits to classical education, but honestly, there has to be more ways to learn than just reading and reciting. Come, Times Alive. The curriculum site that I write for, , had a review about this program and I have to admit, I fell in love right away and ordered it that evening.

Jayden has been really struggling with learning his multiplication by just memorizing. After sitting in a presentation this past summer at our annual home school convention and listening to a speaker talk about fun ways and memorable ways to help with spelling , I realized that math should be learned the same way.

Times Alive uses songs and word pictures to reinforce the multiplication facts. The songs are so cute and catchy and I have literally ALL three kids walking around singing " Thirsty six, thirsty six". See my next post for a preview of this amazing program. I purchased the cd rom for 1/2 price !! You can't beat $24 for a great program.

When we go back to our Horizons math now and run into multiplication problems, Jay immediately rattles off the answer and he smiles while doing it. We have had this program for 1 week!!! To me, that shouts , if you are bored or having a child struggle check it out! I am so impressed!

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