Tuesday, February 28, 2012

She's Got the Wild Eyes

Dear Hannah Lou,

You can now add mountaineer to your short, but every growing list of careers in your short life span. You have figured out a way to remove yourself from the confines of your crib walls. You shimmy down like an escaped prisoner who has just found freedom and yet, when i find you in the hall you stand there staring at me and saying" Hii" with blankee in tow.

The boys spied on you the other day, hiding themselves in your closet so they could figure out, just how you did this amazing feat for a barely 19 month old. The watched as you strategically dropped blankee down first, making sure she was laying in freedom. Then, you pulled with all your might and balanced on your chest, with your feet flying behind you and swung around so you could carefully lower your body to the floor. You are amazing and terrifying!

You escaped from your bed no less than 50 times and had 6 hours of sleep one night and no nap the following day. The wild eyes frantically darted to and fro as you searched from something to grab, shake, hold, scream, cry and wildly cackle. You finally fell asleep on the living room floor after dinner.

So, we thought we might be you a crib tent. Honestly, not wanting to pay $60 for a tent that only YOU need, we began to think of other more economical ways. We took your mattress support out and put the mattress on the floor so that now you have castle walls around you instead of mere gates. Yet, you figured out a way to shimmy up that too like a mountain climber. You figured out that if you were able to produce friction between the pads of your feet and the crib bars, you would be successful. So, you did. Laying in bed, at 6 am and being struck on the head with "babeee!" was quite a wake up call.

Now, you remind more of a circus animal. Daddy has thoughtfully tied a sheet over your crib on all four corners so you can no longer escape at night and nap time. You wave to us within the calming darkness of your crib and quietly sleep the night and nap time away. I do, feel, however, that it is only a matter of time....while you lay there quietly scheming the day away , that you will break free from this barrier as well. Hannah Lou, we do love you!

Please however, slow down a bit, coloring green crayon on Daddy's new computer, our walls and doors and eating toothpaste and sitting at the edge of the bathroom counter with the medicine cabinet wide open makes life just a bit exhausting. I cannot complain, however, you are the MOST polite baby I know saying thankful for everything....especially when you find Papa's special, sweet cereal , rip the box and bag open and help yourself to it on the floor of the kitchen. " Dank you Mama, dank you!"

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