Monday, August 15, 2011

The Anatomy of a Dog

Austen's Dog Anatomy

Jay's Dog Anatomy
What a productive day we have had so far and I am operating on a mere four hours of sleep- thank you Growing Hanns! The kids had some friends over this morning and they had a blast! The played legos, dress up, chased each other, baked chocolate chip cookies and played playdough all within a mere two hours.

After their friends left we had an early lunch and played some more. I then laid Miss Hanns down and the four of us read a very large amount of books on dogs, cats, birds and Curious George. Riah was acting quite tired so after laying her down we continued with our responsibility unit and pet study. As I am typing this, the boys are currently watching the Aristocats and tomorrow we will watch Benji to compare and contrast. They drew pictures of dogs and then we went through and labeled the most important parts for their age group to learn and recognize. Also, we sang " B I N G O" which ironically enough I am SURE we sang it wrong because I could not remember the words for the life of me! " There was a dog who had a "name" (????) and Bingo was his name 'o??? Yeah, how could I forget the words?

We moved on to "Where O Where has my little dog gone...." and I clued them that the writer of this song was from Germany and had them guess what type of dog he was talking about. We located Germany for the second time today, after reviewing Martin Luther again, and Jay guessed " German Shepherd". Yeah, cutest puppy ever! I would sing that sad song too if I lost this little love!

Jayden began cursive today. I was not going to waste time teaching it but I figured it is important to be able to read it due to historical documents as well as sign his name so we have the time, why not. He did "a" and "c". To be honest, I have horrible cursive writing and it is a mixture, and always has been, of print and cursive so this is something I will not be at all strict or anal about.

Austen is getting better and better at pushing his sounds together to form words!!! Yeah! We slowly work our way through the SSRW stories and are having a great time learning to read, write, spell and sing together. Now, just need to get my workout in and this day will be a perfect 10!

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Kelly said...

There was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his name-o! =) Hope that helps! We sing it at our house "The W's yes they have a dog and Harley is her name-o!" You can modify for lots of spelling games. I have a fun "learning your name song" if you want it too! =)