Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Martin Luther

Today was a continuation of a great school year. We continued with our study of responsibility and read more on the life of Moses. The kids than each drew pictures of the different plagues, the burning bush or anything else that they could remember from our Bible reading. Jayden was also asked to write a few sentences that turned out quite well. He writes very well; there was just a few minor spelling issues and the biggest issue is spacing between words which only comes with time.

I read the Little Red Hen to the kids, we listened to Michelle Obama read "Horton Hatches an Egg" and discussed who was responsible in this story and why. It was a great continual introduction of our study.

Something that has been heavy on my heart is that educating our children at home is so much more than simply teaching math, language arts its more heart based. To mold their hearts to love and desire to serve God; to love the Lord irregardless of culture, society or moral declines. I feel that this is such a heavy burden at times yet I know God has the utmost confidence in us because He gave these children to us. I am so thankful to be educating them and to be sculpting their tender hearts towards God.

We are going through a hymn a month or bi monthly together. Today, we studied Martin Luther and read why he wrote " A Mighty Fortress is our God". I find all of this so fascinating because, honestly, half of it I did not even know. After reading about Martin Luther and talking about why he separated from the Catholic church we came over to the computer and listened to the hymn on youtube and sang along. My desire is that the history behind the song as well as the meaning of the song would go deep into their hearts.

The cool thing about home educating is that when you invite the Holy Spirit to fill in the gaps for all of your inadequacies and insecurities he not only fills you with amazing confidence and courage but also a sense of overwhelming grace for what is being accomplished and yet to be accomplished. Here we were, sitting and listening to these hymns in various forms, organ, contemporary, acoustic, etc and the presence of the Holy Spirit was so strong I couldn't help but cry with Riah and Austen on my lap and Jay hugging on my neck as I asked each of the kids if they would be the Martin Luther of this generation, to wake up our spiritually dead country and spiritually dead churches. It was a precious, sweet moment as you could tell they felt the presences of God and just praying that we would be a family who says "no" when the world says "yes". Wow, amazing home schooling day. Thank you Jesus! I could never do it without you!

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