Thursday, August 25, 2011

 Our day was very laid back today. It consisted of lots and lots of reading. We read pet poetry, books on responsibility from the Bernstein Bears, Karma Wilson, Psalms 8, and a myriad of other library books.

We looked up different breeds of dogs on the computer as my breed book from the library as not come in yet. I had Austen identify the breeds and Jayden write one sentence about three of them.

I am kind of hooked on Call me crazy I really want my rottweiler now. However, then Hannah goes and chews on crayons, pulls cords from the wall, throws her sippy cup over her high chair with the top flying off and liquid splashing and sploshing everywhere, plumb skins sticking to the cabinets with disintegrating cheerios and I ponder, while cleaning this all up for the thousandth time, why do I want a puppy??? Yes, we are holding off for yet a few more years- sorry kids.

We ate a simple lunch, prepared in simple fashion with a simple hug and kiss before a short and simple nap that was had by all. Overall, just a relaxing day and a workout during nap time. Hoping the energy levels of my two middle ones starts coming up, I really miss their normal selves.

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