Monday, August 29, 2011


Today was quite an interesting day, to say the least. I am going to revamp some things in my life to remain but yet change at the same time. My head is kind of spinning today with every emotional outcry from my three year old, frustrations at the stores and school that was not accomplished today. I am ok with a day or two like this but honestly, I think this year, especially, has been my learning year that life typically needs to happen in the afternoon after naps and mornings are a no go.

I love morning time but with all the school that the kids are doing this year, and the NEED, not want, of a quiet time in the afternoon I am going to try and workout later in the day, before dinner. Maybe a 75/25 change. I need my workouts, so this part is not changing but I am still fumbling, trying to find a routine that benefits us all.

Managers of Their Chores (Managers, 1)I think I am purchasing, Managers of Their Chores. I think this will be a great investment not only in my life, but in my children's lives as well. They did such a great job this morning, sorting laundry, cleaning bathrooms, making beds, cleaning the kitchen that if I can get them to learn to do these things on their own accord, eventually, it will be such a great, practical teacher, in initiative.

Home Educating is a family effort so taking care of the home is as well. Sorry this is not that interesting of a post, I am just rambling my thoughts together trying to figure out how to feel "on top" of something. That is all. On ward :)

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