Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its Raining Pigs and Dogs!

Wow! I can't believe that we have only one more week left in our pet sub unit of our responsibility study! This time flew! That's ok, I still need to fit in a few field trips and then we are moving onto beavers for a week and then ants! Ok, today was a pretty low key day. Both Austen and Moriah came down with fevers last night and that was pretty much the extent of it, fevers. However, they have both been pretty lethargic today and so they spent the morning watching Lady and the Tramp, Aristocats and 101 Dalmatians while I worked on school with Jayden and chased Miss Hanns around.

We recited Old Mother Hubbard and dramatized it together. Jay was not at all happy that the poor dog never did end up getting a bone. " Is that the end of the poem, he doesn't end up eating anything??" Also, we created a sock puppet and sewed on a cute pair of ears, nose and Jay colored in its eyes and spots. He morphed into character and put on a monologue of " The Day and the Life of a Dalmatian Dog". Interesting fact, did you know that Dalmatian dogs were first a status symbol among the Aristocrats and the fire department, back in the 1800s or so, wanted to have the same effect on the general public ( the gawking) when they rode on their engines drawn by work horses so they adopted the dog as "their" dog. It achieved the same effect and then the dog began to work for the fire department. They were calmed the horses, chased other meandering dogs away, protected the firehouse, guarded the horses when the firefighters were fighting fires, etc. We thought this was all very cool! I don't know, love learning new facts that I never even thought about before. We need to look up the origin of the German Shepherd!

We sand B-I-N-G-O again and got the words right, thank you dear friend Kelly :) Jayden also added his rendition of F-R-I-S-K-Y to the tune Bingo. Moriah and I were very humored, to say the least. Jayden and Moriah pretended to be puppies and we "trained" them to come, sit, roll over, shake. Also, Hannah was the unknowing mouse and Jayden " stalked" her. This was hilarious because as soon as Jayden would stalk and creep like a cat towards her and she noticed, that one year old bod took off like a speeding bullet. We were laughing so hard :)

Finally, we talked about if a cat purred, meowed loudly, ate grass, etc what was he trying to do or communicate. Honestly, I hate cats, love kittens, hate cats. They creep me out they are scary and skittish so I am just happy we even discussed those crazy animals.

Jayden finished his language arts and is really getting good at spelling thanks to Diana Crafts methods of pictures, colors and "gross factors". Hey, whatever works. We worked on his math and now, I am going to work out! It is so hot outside and I cannot wait for it to cool off so we can start playing outside more and having our afternoons consist of sun and nature vs inside and a/c. Just a few more months, we can do it- at least its not snowing. That I will say- sun or snow- I'll take the sun.

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