Friday, August 12, 2011

O Where O Where Has My Little Dog Gone??

Where are the days going?? I mean seriously, they fly by faster than I have a chance to catch my breath at times! We started in on our second week of responsibility because we finished everything from Konos up early this week, having such a grand ole' time and all. I came across this poem and thought it was quite fitting for the unit, as a whole:
A Bag of Tools
By:  R. L. Sharpe
Isn't it strange That princes and kings,
And clowns that caper In sawdust rings,
 And common people Like you and me
Are builders for eternity?
Each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, A book of rules;
And each must make - Ere life is flown -
A stumbling block  Or a steppingstone.

We discussed what this poem was talking about and visually showing us stepping up or tripping over a " stone". I think this might be a poem to work on and memorize. Also, we read the Bernstein Bears " Pet Show" book, some Clifford, pet care books and " Too Many Cats". I ordered the Aristocats from the library as well as Lady and the Tramp. We are going to watch, next week, an animated movie on dogs and then an actual one, ie: Benji, Homeward Bound.... and discuss the differences that we notice in the different features of the animals with popcorn of course!
Moriah gave us a tutorial on how to care for a baby. She was quite impressive with the knowledge that she has. Demonstrations abounded from her on how to feed, pick up, carry, comfort and nurse her baby, Beulah. Also, "Safety Jayden" questioned her on what she would do if a stranger tried to take her baby. 

I asked what would happen if air traffic controllers, doctors, nurses, teachers, parents, etc were Responsible or Irresponsible. The kids each took turns learning how and cleaning the toilets in our three bathrooms. They all did fantastic and Jayden is such a patient teacher! We discussed what our morning responsibilities are and for the most part, I do not have to ask Jayden or Austen to get dressed, Jay always remembers to turn his anole's lights back on and make his bed and with a few reminders they will tidy their room up quite well. Moriah is pretty organized by nature but obviously still needs help due to her age. 

One of my favorite parts of today was sitting in a circle with the kids, each holding their stuffed animals and talking about past and present pets that they have had. Moriah just received a white dog for her birthday and explained how " Sadie wuns away, gets lost and then goes to a lions cage"- wow Sadie, for such a short life in our home your adventures never cease to amaze me.

Austen had two animals and spoke very briefly on both of them and with Jayden, well, we not only got the rundown from his very first goldfish Nemo at age three, to his present day anole. Hmmm, I can tell you who is verbal and not so much in our family. These exercises are soo good for Austen though because it gets him talking and discussing something in great detail. Love you buddy!

I told the kids the story of my dog Lady, growing up. I think that is where Sadie got some of her ideas for her adventure from. We already know, as a family, what types of pets we can handle now- beta fish and lizards. I truly enjoy reptiles. I think that it is so much fun to watch "Frisky" the anole, chase down crickets and chomp them up. The kids know quite well we are NOT a rodent family nor cat family and THANKFULLY ( :) ) Austen is deathly allergic to cats, sorry Max. 

The boys finished up with their language arts and then went up for quiet time. Tomorrow, I would like to try and start our potted plants as well as make bread and reread some of our stories from this past week ( Mike Mulligan, Little Red Hen and The Three Little Pigs"

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