Monday, August 22, 2011

Barry The Bravest Saint Bernard

Barry: The Bravest Saint Bernard (A Stepping Stone Book(TM))If you have never read this story or heard of it ( like myself) I highly recommend it. We read this book today and honestly, its a tear jerker, not like it takes much to evoke tears from me but its such a great book!!! I am sure we will read it a few more times before bringing it back to the library. We also read  " Favorite Poem Old and New" which is has a copyright from 1957. What a sweet, sweet time and a great age to collect both old and "new" poems. We focused on the animal poems and tried to identify the different types of animals the various authors were describing. I read " My Dog" by Marchette Chute and Jayden illustrated what he felt that dog looked like. I love literature so its been great to open my children's world even more to the classics.

Jayden became a photographer and shot some pictures of his anole and betta fish. Austen has not seemed like himself today so I'm hoping he is ok. He fell asleep at 10 am, woke up for a bit and is now sleeping hard at 3pm. Praying that his body is fighting hard whatever seems to be bothering him. Poor little lovers.

We, including Austen, did a TON of math and language arts this morning. Honestly, school is completely passed the 1.5 hr it was back when I only did Jayden. It is so much. Does it seem like that to anyone else who has older kids or schooling more than one? I read an article from a friend who talked about hiring cleaning help and I completely agree with that. Once life settles down in the next couple of months having someone deep clean 1-2x/month would be very worth it!

Here is another interesting site dedicated to Barry . If I ever go to Switzerland I want to see this statue so I can take a picture and send it back to show the kids. Love learning!

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