Sunday, August 14, 2011

Princess Play

My daughter dressed me up as a princess today. She gave me a crown, a beautiful necklace that she carefully clipped together. I had two seperate bows clipped to my hair and a beautiful purse strung over my shoulder. She told me I was a princess and that I was "great". She doesn't care about the pile of papers that need to be shredded, the dirty dishes on the counter, the demanding grocery list or the new messes that pop up every two seconds. No, we secluded ourselves in her bedroom, as we whisphered because her babies were sleeping, and she treated me as royalty and we played. Blissfull, carefree play.

I asked the Holy Spirit why I needed to leave all the other things and play. He said, you feel that mountain growing in the pit of your stomach, the overwhelming task of everything from today, yesterday and need to sit, play and allow me to calm you and reassure you with the tender words of a three year old girl.

So we sat, smiled, laughed and the weight of the world started lifting off of me and the words, " my yoke is easy and my burden is light" came to me. Hold steadfast my child, for the day will come when you will reap if you do not lose heart. My desire for you is for great things, not for harm. You are my precious precious child and I am in love with you. Allow me to cloak you with my royalty and to enter into my promise, my dear dear child. Ye, the weight of the world is to much for you to bear, take heart I have overcome the are mind and bought with a precious price , do not become distracted from the heart issues while the world issues try to take over. Ye, my child I love thee more today than you will every love your child in a lifetime. Allow me to love you and encourage Holy spirit is here to comfort and strengthen...allow him to do so. my precious preciou child. I love are mine.!

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