Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How Much Is That Doggy In The Window??


pet store owner

interviewing Miss Mama
Today we continued on with your study. I started with reading Genesis 1-2 and going through each day of creation. My Grandma made this awesome fabric book that keep turning into itself to represent each different day that God created. After I finished we discussed what responsibilities God gave to Adam and Eve and the kids took turns drawing pictures of something they remembered from our reading.

I love having our computer in the school area. In our other home, it was in our bedroom and made looking up things very difficult for school. Anyways, I looked up " We Are Siamese If You Please..." from Lady and the Tramp, the Old Yeller theme song as well as Lassie. We listened to these a few times over because they are so darn cute. Then, we did a comparison chart of how cats and dogs are similar and different. I love how engaged Moriah is and she just jumps right in with suggestions and most of the time, she is right!

Another fun thing was learning about working dogs. I learned so many interesting facts today on dogs. Did you know that the St Bernard dog was named after a monastery in the Alps. It was built as a refuge for travelers and the dogs would haul supplies and turn the spits used to roast meat for the guests. We are waiting a book from the library about Barry the famous St Bernard who saved forty people....hopefully it arrives soon!

I asked each of the kids if the had a dog, what would they name it?
M- " When I have a girl dog, I will name my dog Sadie."
A- "Softy because it will be soft."
J- " Bear if it would be a strong Rottweiler and squeak if it were smaller"

Finally, we set up a "pet store" where Austen and Riah dressed up as customers and Jayden was the owner. This worked out wonderfully because, honestly, for the past 6 months or so Jay has cleaned out and read almost every child and adult pet book the library has to offer so he is quite knowledgeable in this area.

The kids asked Jay, depending on their home situation, what pet would be best suited for them. Riah, wearing my heels,  had a black cat sitting in her stroller and Jay walks over to her, introduces himself, shakes her hand and leans down patting the cats head and goes, " And what kind of friend do you want for you Tabby??" Hahahaha, I about died. Funniest comment ever :) Austen , dressed up in Ben's clothes was a complete grump so we named him Mr Grouch and he decided that his son " Froggy" needed a pet turtle. However, according to Jayden the aquarium would be $70 and Austen insisted he only had $50 but would still buy it. Oh Austen!

We then read many, MANY library books including our all time favorite author ever KARMA WILSON. If you have never ready any of her books I highly recommend them and we love, LOVE them. They are so rhythmic, cute, and well written. 

Finally, Jayden's Horizons math came in the mail and ohmigoodness is it challenging. I love it that way! I would rather take it slower and have it be challenging than faster and have it be too easy. He is doing third grade so its fine to slow down anyways. That took us a whole 40 minutes and Austen fell asleep, I think he needed it. Overall, a very fun day!

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