Friday, August 12, 2011


I think there must be something in the air lately. I just came across a friend of mine's blog who had written an entire blog on the expectations we put on ourselves. This is something that with our huge move and starting a new homeschooling year I am striving to let go of. I have pretty high standards for myself, at times. I am my biggest critic and I am trying to change that.

There are so many good things that can become "bad" things if we let them, especially when you homeschool. Try to keep up with the "Joneses" while homeschooling- you will run yourself ragged. I feel that it is so important to pray and ask God which curriculum YOU should use, which field trips YOUR family should go on, what extras YOU should take on, etc. Most mamas that homeschool do so because they feel passionately about their children; however, for me, that turns into I want to do EVERYTHING to the best possible degree I can- " play hard or go home" mentality.

How important is it that everything is made from scratch, every item of clothing is uniquely sewn, I clip coupons, I decorate, my house is always immaculate, I work out, etc. All these things actually are important to me, however, when they start to overwhelm me it is ok to say, " you know what, in this season in my life, I say " no" to this or that. There is a freedom in allowing God to mold you into the woman He wants you to be. He frees us from expectations and allows us to walk hand in hand with that one who created this vibrant, creative, multi tasking woman. Its ok to say no, its ok to bring on the paper plates or "gasp" buy pre made chocolate chip cookies if you are analyzing time to make vs time to bake. We are happier and more uplifted when we stop comparing and just enjoy. I'm preaching to the choir, I know. 
Normally I keep these feelings at a healthy bay but lately, from the move and just everything else, I am finding that I need to take this time, once again, to thank God for giving us the ability to homeschool, for finding curriculum that works for us and for praying for peace over every extra curricular activity we join in on. Life isn't about how much to be apart of, its what you do purposefully in those moments.

My challenge, to myself, is to wake up each day and live for that day only. What can I do today to make this the most special day for my family. I know that my challenge will not always equate success but its there and I am doing it. I will not compare or contrast myself, I will not feel superior or inferior I will walk in confidence that God has placed me in this unique family for his unique purposes. If all we do is stay in pajamas and bake chocolate chip cookies together while reading library books for that day, I purposed that day for my family and that made it successful.

I am thankful for....
31. a new pack of gum
32. Empty  moving boxes that turn into forts for beloved stuffed animals
33. an empathetic and understanding husband
34. blue spray paint
35. tuffs of green grass coming up
36. my children's laughter
37. listening to the peacefulness of a day's end
38. the ability to say no to time fillers
39. creative energy
40. new starts, new days
41.watching Hannah half smile and half frown with confused eyes from her highchair
42. Austen's concern for his sister and whispering to me that she will probably have a "tape worm"
43. joy in my children
44. a successful end to a great first school week

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sooooo true!!!! love this post!!!