Monday, October 4, 2010

Back To The Basics

This past weekend as we were swimming, Ben was quizzing Jay and Austen on the months of the year...sadly, they were not passing. They knew a few sporadically but overall, not so much. I then started thinking over what basic concepts my kids were not sure of and came to the realization that there were just a few we needed to review. No problem, thanks to the Internet and fun resources...we will be focusing this week on the basics!

Yesterday, we read A House For Hermit Crab. What a fun story! It talked about different ocean animals, the shell cycle of a hermit crab, which we used to own and now may he rest in peace, as well as the months of the year. Everything I was looking for all in one!

Also, at I found a lap book that went along with the story and reiterated the months of the year, home address, etc. The kids had a lot of fun putting it together! We will be reviewing the lap book this week as well as the story for fun and to make sure that two of our basics, address and months of the year are covered. Phew, got that take care of :) Onto shoe tying :)

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