Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Konos in our school

Yesterday, we ended up completing all of our school before 1030! Yeah! and I got my workout in , which is a big deal considering we are still working on adding Hannah to my act at my work out facility. We started off with Konos, Jayden's favorite. We read a bunch of books on the respiratory system, as that is the part we are on, had some discussion and then when onto our fun hands on learning aspect of it. I also love that Konos incorporates verses, ie: " Let everything that has breath praise the Lord".

I used to get so overwhelmed by Konos but now I "get it". I understand the system so much more. You go to the library, pick out "real" book on the subject ( no more boring textbooks). Then define the trait, ie: Cooperation, read the bible part of it, discuss people who demonstrated it or how whatever your theme is ( for us it's the Respiratory system right now) and do a few activities a day. I love it. I actually just bid and won the 2nd volume on line for $15!!!! That's a savings of about $100....so now I have all three volumes and the three smaller history units ( that are included in Vol II). The III one is the most organized as far as breaking it apart of activities for me...but now that I have that rough template I'm not so intimidated by the other ones and feel I am able to do that with them. Once we finish our cooperation unit, I might switch back to volumn I because it was stated that there are more activities for the younger kids ( and I want Austen involved in this part too).

We also did our language arts, Austen-SSRW and then oh so fun ferris wheel song and Jayden LLTL. Math was accomplished with measuring cm, geometric shapes and counting quarters...sounds like a hodge podge? Yes it is...We are almost done with Saxon 2 and trust me , I am looking forward to it! They say Saxon doesn't get "good" until around 5/4 or something like that....sooo, we will see....I might skip having a math book for a little bit and just do my own thing , teaching concepts for that particular grade level....because it just seems so mundane.....so , still thinking. Anyways, we've been having fun. Today, I printed off a lapbook on Oregon based off a book, Apples to Oregon. It went along with the different fall aspects I"m trying to pull in this season. There will be some apple printing, apple math, listening to music with fiddles, etc.... Should be fun :) Happy Schooling!

Funny side note that I want to put in...if anyone knows of Thomas the Train , they know there is a buck tooth character named , Salty. :) He is my favorite and the other day the kids were watching a movie and there was good ole' Salty staring us down and I did an impression of him that made me and Jayden laugh our heads off! :) He kept saying, " do it again " :)

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