Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Little Moments

Pencil and pencil sharpenerYesterday was an amazing day...the whole day went smooth! We started on school around 7am and were done by 1030! It was awesome. Hannah slept the whole morning...which made doing school a little bit easier since I wasn't having to stop and feed her every other second. Austen played on for a little bit in the morning and Moriah was very helpful which makes a big difference as well.

I didn't have any milk so breakfast was a pretty basic eggs and plain cereal and fruit. I am really beginning to understand what little tasks need to be taken care of the night before to make my mornings and , for the most part, entire day smooth. One is clean kitchen! If that kitchen is messy, dishes not put away, crumbs on the floor, literally throws my whole morning off as I am not only getting more stuff out for breakfast, especially since many of our breakfasts consist of waffles, oatmeal pancakes and oatmeal, but I still have the dinner mess from the previous night. I love waking up to a clean kitchen!

We progressed through our day rather quickly. I introduced multiplication of 100 and 1 to Jayden. He caught on immediately so we didn't need to spend too much time on that. With Konos, we are still on the circulatory system for a bit more. I had to go to the store yesterday to buy 4 bottles of Gatorade as we needed the bottles for a heart experiment we will be doing today ...but after that, I did the KONOS review at the end of the circulatory section and he answered it all correctly so I feel good that he understands.

Also, Language Arts is becoming more of a smooth transition too as Jayden's writing is becoming easier to him and not to mention the amount of writing in the curriculum we use now is so much less than in SSRW. Finally, we wrapped up with our Bible Geography, Jayden's devotions, family bible reading and an art project with both boys.

I found this art curriculum that my Mother in law gave me, Art Pac I and was pretty excited to get started on it. It was fun for the boys, especially Austen who colors amazingly in the lines, uses so many different colors and is so creative!

That boy of mine, Austen, is such a blessing to me. He is so smart, learns so opposite than Jayden and just has such a tender heart. I am so thankful to be homeschooling him. I am thankful to not expose my children to daily bullying-especially having boys (even though girls can be just as cruel). I love just sharing life together, even on the hard days!

Yesterday, Austen sat on our back patio with a huge piece of chalk and nonchalantly wrote an amazing signature of his name! I will take a picture today because this is just Austen. He learns by observing and then doesn't want help, but wants to do it himself. Which, in turn, astounds me with what he knows!!!!! I am just enjoying playing games with him, reading to him and getting ready to introduce the BOB books....kindergarten is all about exploration, not book work and we are having a blast!

We had friends stop over yesterday too, which was unexpected but so much fun! It was awesome how I had gotten everything done in the morning and when they stopped over we were literally getting ready for quiet/nap times and so it was perfect. The boys had a great time with their friends, playing legos, animals and outside " finding dinosaur bones and buried treasure". Thank you Jesus for friends!

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