Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's been a couple of days

Sorry for the delay in updating this blog. I am really enjoying it ...mainly for family reasons, to try and make it easier to bring our lives to our families, faster and more regularly. We have been quite busy around here. We made yet another batch of chocolate chip cookies and it is probably the only recipe I use where I don't cut the fat or sugar. It's one of those recipes that you want baking when your kids' friends come over and hand them out. It's a " yes, I'm confident of this recipe" type of cookie. That, does not happen to me often :)

Jayden's Book Series : Fox's Adventure

Hannah just started smiling!!! Yeah! Her whole face lights up and I feel that the three months where her dis tractable eyes, then amused eyes and stone, serious face where peering at us while we entertained her with sound effects, jumps and contorted looks has paid off! She loves us :) and we now enjoy her sporadic,  " I love you too " smiles. She has also found her hands. At this moment, I am listening to her sucking hard on her entire first "slurp, slurp".

The kids are all coloring so nicely in the other room with a new box of crayons and each has a sketch pad. Yesterday, after co op we were pretty hungry and I was just not in the mood to bring everyone home to make lunch so we stopped at Chick Fil A. In the kids pack there was a cow comic book and now Jayden is making his own. He just stopped in to show me the completed the version so I will post pictures up asap.

We are working on the immune system for our Konos right now. One of the fun activities that we have done was visualizing germs and white blood cells using pipe cleaners. Jayden really seems to understand, which is beyond me since I still need to reference the different library books we have checked out to see if I am talking about the right "leukocyte, lymphocyte, phagocyte....." The kids have also been doing a lot of fall crafts which I LOVE!!!!! Yesterday at co op, the made a turkey with out of pine cones, which I asked the teacher where she found pine cones and she said up north :) Also, the made a countdown thankful chain for Thanksgiving. They really enjoy their co op and so do I. I am thankful that they can be apart of it this year.

The other night, Ben and I were sitting and relaxing on the couch when out came Jayden, swinging his arms like an ape, scowling and hunched over. We look at each other like, " Umm, ok. Jayden, what's wrong?" " I had a dream and I am scared that emperor Zerug is real!" " Jayden, how could you have had a dream, you haven't even slept yet. When did you dream this?" " A couple of months ago."  

Life here has been pretty laid back, but nice. I feel that our dear Miss Hannah is finally getting into a routine so that has been most helpful. We are working on reading the first two original Bobbsey Twin Books as well as the Tree house Mystery from the boxcar children. Austen would like to do stamps today and I think that will work out nice. 

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