Thursday, October 7, 2010

Moriah was so sweet yesterday. She was helping me and calling herself " mamacita" . An enduring name we call her often. She is definitely two and she most definitely gets into many, many things. Yesterday, I just woke up with the idea to have her be with me everywhere and constantly helping me. So, she helped me put on my make up....and then put on her own mascara which strangely enough came out to be quite good on her little lashes of hers :) We then washed it off as I wasn't ready to see her all dolled up yet.

She helped me with the laundry, with Hannah, setting the table. I asked her to count out 5 forks and she did! Then, she decided we need spoons to so she counted out spoons :) I prayed yesterday in the car, just asking for Godly insight and I felt that this is a little bit of what I felt God told me,

" Do you not think that I see and feel your frustration that I know your tears by name. I have called Moriah to greatness, I have called her to fruition. She is my daughter and I love her. The plans I have for her our mighty. Stay faithful to my calling to you, oh daughter. Do not measure success based upon how the world views success. You will never measure up. Your fulfillment will be kingdom fulfillment. Stay faithful and do not lose heart. I am in this with you. "

How the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit is always the best encouragement to affirm and encourage. Thank you Jesus for my Moriah, her spirit, joy, her bounce everywhere she goes. Her sweet, tender kisses, her strong willful voice. Thank you, thank you for my precious Moriah with beautiful blue eyes and long, blonde wavy hair.

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