Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sleep or lack there of

One thing no one warned me about was having children meant that, until sleeping in is a fun thing to do, it is non existent. Hannah is finally, almost, sleeping through the night. She wakes up around 2/3am to feed and falls back asleep in our bed....HOWEVER, the other kids start lightly knocking on my door around 430am! Unfortunately it's Austen and Moriah who are not able to tell time yet...and I come into the hall only to find that Moriah has her dolls and games and books in the hall. Lord knows how long His little angel has been up. This could be the reason for some early morning meltdowns that could be avoided if she was sleeping to, oh how about 6??!

The day that all my children are old enough where I wake up around 630 and they are still sleeping will be a day that I get my crazy on and sit there while the sun is coming up....not waiting for it to come up. Don't get me wrong, I love the ages of my kids, I love their energy, their crazy and zest for life....however, couldn't it wait until " six zero zero" ???

The one benefit of our extremly early morning starts, why we are movin' and groovin' in our routines before most people have even opened their eyes to God's wonder. Do you sense a strong sense of satire or sarcasm, from way! :)

So our day today...guess what, we have dentist appointments at 730am...all three kids....and I schedule it that way because we are up anyways....why sit around and wait for a 10am apt when they will be put behind by others that are late, we come wide eyed, smiling and set the tone for the rest of their on time scheduling day, you can thank me later. Yes, we are the family that will not have your 830 apt run late because the 730s didn't show until 745....why, we are there at 7:25am and have already eaten breakfast, read twenty stories, played games, legos, started 2 loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, showered ( most of the days :) ) , and started school..... we are the "overachievers" .....but someday, not now, and not for a long time... I will enjoy my "underachiever" least for some of the time.

Some ways I've been woken up over the past 6.5 years
As Jayden used to say when he was just two, " GOOOD MORNING!"
" Mama, comes door"- Jay sticking his little hand under the door at the apt
knock, knock, KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK!
" Mama ( at 430am), can we play quietly?"
" I cuddle with you"
" Can we get up yet?"
Crying, screaming, dirty diapers, throwing up, looking for a kiss, scared, and then the best of them all...silent Austen, especially as a 1.5=3 year old....silently opening my door, climbing in bed with me and sleeping horizontally with his sweet little round head :) 

The pictures of me and Jay sleeping and Austen and I....all I can say is....long nights :) Finally, the last is of the three kids at a hotel in San Diego 2 falls ago...wide eyed and ready to go early :)

How do you mommas get woken up in the morning or are you apart of the elite that sleeps past 6am??


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh. Today I was awakened by little Cadence and 4:22am, with a "Pwease will you fix my covers for me, Mommy". Then again at 4:48am. "Mommy, will you pwease pray for my tummy, it is hurting." HOWEVER, then they usually go back to sleep until about 8:00 and know to play quietly in their rooms until 8:30 at which time they can come to my room.

They have been really good at this for, say, six months now. However, I have gone SOOOO long without sleeping through the night that it seems I still wake up every 3 or so hours....just for fun, I guess.

BUT (oh yes, there's a 'but') this pass week and a half, I have slept for 7 straight hours (uninterrupted), roughly 5 out of 10 nights!!!!!! WOO HOO!!! I can't tell you what a good night of uninterrupted sleep can do for a person :)


Amanda said...

Courtney!! you made me laugh! I love it! so glad you are getting more sleep and I can just imagine the four o clock questions :)