Friday, October 1, 2010

Bible Geography

The kids are still Trail Guide to Bible Geography [Book] sleeping so I thought I would reflect on yesterday's school activities. We accomplished a lot! Can I say again how much I am loving the Trail Guide to Bible Geography. For $10, this book provides me 3 different levels of work . Right now, we are obviously on the first level as Jay is only 6 but I could use this every year if I wanted until we reached the top level and get more than my money's worth out of it! I love it when I find something like this. The book has note booking activities, mapping where we have a huge Ancient Civilization map and Jayden, and sometimes Austen, take out their Student Bible Atlas and find the locations that we read about in the Bible! I love how it just makes Abraham's journey from Ur to Canaan come alive, how you see God's hand on him and his descendants and the unfolding of God's plan in a way that I never noticed before. Have I mentioned how much I'm learning from this home school experience???! It's amazing! Not only that but Jayden is learning how to look up locations, label, map, use an atlas, reference the bible and put things in chronological order all from just this little book alone AND from the comfort of our "Bedouin tents"! I highly recommend it. It's through the same people who put out Galloping the Globe and Cantering the Country ....which we don't use, at least not yet :)

We are also working our way through the different systems of the body. We are starting the circulatory system today! We have moved from the skeletal, muscular and digestive systems all using KONOS Volumes 3 and , again, I love it! It is so challenging, hands on, and interactive....perfect for my kids and myself who cannot STAND tons of bookwork and sitting for long periods of time :)

Finally, I have found some great books at the library which I have to share because again, it takes us out of bookwork and provides great opportunities for learning concepts without even feeling like we are learning. Games for Reading, Games for Writing and Games for Math all by Peggy Kaye, I think. I am still working through these books and renewing them as I have found so many fun ideas on how to teach place values, fractions, creative writing, etc. You can also purchase, these, which I think I might from Amazon.... they just seem like something I will use for quite some time!

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