Friday, October 22, 2010


Two days ago, as my kids were enjoying the absolute cool, crisp air of the morning and watching the sun come slowly up in the horizon , I heard them utter together a prayer for rain. The clouds did not appear to hold anything but the morning moisture in them, but, I too, prayed that God would answer their prayers.

We were listening to Hillsong, in the van, and driving along to the dentist. The song came on " Stronger" and flashbacks of my labor were coming to me as this was on my birth play list. I could just feel God's presence in the car and the kids all started praising with me. Even Moriah sings this song. As we are progressing through the song, stopping at stop signs and heading to the dentist, the sun peering through the clouds...IT BEGAN!!!

" Jayden, Austen LOOK!!!" I said with a choked up voice. There were sprinkles on my windshield the started accumulating slowly and by the time we arrived at the dentist it was enough to gently feel on your skin. Their appointments progressed and Jayden ended up having a cavity, so we stayed longer for that. As the dentist was talking to me, we both look outside and there was a torrential down pour BUT the sun was still shining! It looked as if someone was directing a movie and only putting rain where we were. The rain would not let up and it was beautiful, and it was refreshing and it was a prayer that my children prayed with all their hearts and so much faith.

Jayden, Austen, and Moriah...did you see that? I said to them....God wanted to tell you, " I LOVE YOU. Do you not understand how much I love you? I love you! and I hear you when you pray Child, I hear you . I am not a deaf God that your prayers do not reach my ears. But I am alive and listen to you, my child, when you pray."

Rain brought to the desert. How we can apply this beautiful illustration of God's love to so many areas of our life.

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