Saturday, October 9, 2010

Earrings for Hannah

Oh my sweet, sweet Hanns. Yesterday, we went to go get your ears pierced. As I held you tightly and hugged you when it was over you uttered the saddest most lonely cry I had ever heard. My heart broke for your quick pain in each year and I wondered if it was all worth it. After a million hugs and kisses and holding onto your tiny body I looked and baby you look so beautiful with those earrings. I love them! and you will too...later :) Thank you Jesus for Hannah! Thank you that she is apart of our lives and that she is here! I am in love with you Hannah, your snuggles and grunts, your scrunched up faces with no sound coming out just because you are perturbed. Your half smiles and happy eyes. Oh those beautiful, blue eyes. How I love them :)

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