Saturday, October 9, 2010


Just kidding...we are onto the circulatory system with our KONOS curriculum. The other day, at the library, I found this science book that not only simplified the systems of the body but gave really fun experiments to do with each! So, after reading about the blood cells in the body: white, red, plasma and of course I am forgetting something :) , Jayden was able to relate each one to a real life idea to better understand the concept

Red blood cells- people
Heart-bridge/tunnel to the lungs for the "people" to buy oxygen at the "lung store"
white blood cells-army
plasma-cars and or tanks depending on who is being moved along with the the plasma
arteries, veins and capillaries-roads and highways

We also made our own blood and on Monday we will be focusing on the heart where there is a cool experiment to go along with that too! How fun!

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